Sunday, August 29, 2004

Convention Metablog

Was it Will Rogers who said, "I never metablog I didn't like"?*

This is a metablog, a listing of blogs that are covering the Republican Convention. Quite a week. George Bush is going to have to run a bit more like a challenger, at least for a while.

At least his opponent, the already self-inaugurated King John I, is making it easy by refusing to take any campaign positions or talk about anything except his war record, which encompassed only a few months and ended more than 30 years ago. Has Kerry done anything since?

(Comparatively) Neutral

Of course, you could also go straight to the major media web pages. But why would you do that?


  • Main Convention Web Site
  • Bush's own blog (maybe he'll get a salad dressing next?) . Well, they used his name, anyway. I doubt he posts stuff to it, himself. He's not that big a reader.
  • List of Pro-Bush blogs


  • Kicking Ass: Democratic Blog
  • Talk Left: Fuzzy, angry people wearing pink glasses
  • The New Republic Convention Blog
  • Gadflyer: General "Progressive" Blog, but with Rep Nat Conv posts. Some of my favorite people, though of course their political views are quite wrong.

I'll add to these when I can. Have fun! This may well be the silliest week of politics you'll see for a long time. Anytime you have Republicans and a microphone, there is a chance for excellent comedy.

*No, he said "I never met a man I didn't like."


Anonymous said...

[Oops, I put this with the wrong blog entry. If only I was as clever as Mungowitz.]

Mungowitz says that Kerry is only talking about his war experience and isn't offering any campaign positions.

Two entries down is an entry on one of Kerry's campaign positions:
The Key Battleground State is: Nevada?

Maybe Kerry's campaign position statements only count if Mungowitz agrees with them.

There have been plenty of campaign positions on the redeployment, the deficit, tax policy, military spending goals. Mungowitz is wrong, even by his own blog.

mungowits said...

On the top of the blog it says:

"A private blog, unaffiliated with any organization, or for that matter any coherent body of thought or ideology. Internal contradictions abound."

I looked up "abound" in the dictionary. It means something like "happens a lot". After thinking on this for a while, I decided that the header means that one entry may well contradict another completely. It COULD mean that contradictions occur within the same entry.

So, maybe for a school project, or extra credit, you can go and find EVEN MORE contradictions. Since they happen a lot here, you shouldn't be satisfied with just one!

Anonymous said...

I assumed Killer G. meant clear and consistent positions by Kerry, of which there are not now, and never have been, any.