Thursday, May 18, 2006


I'm not sure my chest is big enough to run for Guv. Voters don't care, but the media has to sell papers. So, though I can run, nobody will take my picture.

And three-dimensional chests are all the media appears to care about for Libertarian candidates (see here). I'm 48-AA, and it is SO hard to find a bra that fits right!

Seriously, what the crack news hounds did was take a picture of this woman from another web site, and then used that in their "news" story about her candidacy. Here is her actual web site. Nice picture. Why not use this one?

(Yes, I know she is also the head of the "Marijuna Party" in Alabama. Is that a reason to show her breasts in a "serious" political article about her candidacy?)

I suppose the MSM doesn't owe the Libertarian party respect, but they don't have to make us all look like boobs. (On the other hand, if your candidate puts up something like this, perhaps we are at least complicit in our own mockery. But it is different if we do it to ourselves, right? RIGHT?)

And, to her credit, a nicely considered response. You go, Loretta!

UPDATE: Unknown Professor gives me a major reacharound; I can get my 48-AA right here, and then lookOUT, world!


Unknownprofessor said...

Since we want you to be comfortable:

Great response on her part. Smart, good looking, and enough of a sense of humor to refer to them as "the twins"

The Unknown Professor said...

Unfortunately, the resulting mental image has sent me in desperate search of some "mental floss".

Does this mean we can expect new pictures on the website?