Wednesday, May 10, 2006

These are my people

Sometimes I read my hometown newspaper, the West Orange Times (back then, the Winter Garden Times). Sometimes old friends who have since moved to New Orleans or the Netherlands do the same, and send me e-clippings.

For a flavor of where I come from:
Danielle Burnett, center, a senior at West Orange High School, has received the first-ever re-enactor scholarship from the Nature Coast Civil War Re-enactment in Crystal River. The scholarship is a $500 award and will go toward buying books when she starts college in the fall. She is a member of the 37th Alabama, along with her parents, Diane and Danny, pictured at an encampment with her, and her younger sister, Abigayle. The family, Ocoee-area residents, has been living historians for more than 2 years. Before leaving for college, Danielle plans on being a working resident at Camp Wewa this summer.

As one of my friends noted, "And that is NOT from The Onion".

I used to go to Camp Wewa all the time growing up. Great place.

ATSRTWT (with photo)

(Nod to MMartin)

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