Sunday, May 28, 2006

Yes, Dear

My (our) twentieth wedding anniversary is coming up. My lovely wife:

The lovely wife did something that, years ago, might have gotten me into trouble.

Here's what she did:

1. Decided my son's car needed gas (it did, it had fumes and nothing else. he had driven it home on empty...why? now, if I did that, i'd get a stony look. But since our older son did it, she decides she is going to go fill it up for him).

2. Drove to a gas station three miles away. (Pretty scary, might have run out of gas any second)

3. Realized, when she got to the gas station, that she had forgotten her purse. No money, no credit card.

4. Reasoned that she couldn't drive home, AND BACK, on the clearly empty tank (almost certainly correct). Reasoned further that without money she couldn't put gas in the car if she stayed at the station, either.

5. So, she called me. On my son's cell phone. I am pitching batting practice. He holds up the phone...."Mom wants to talk to you!"

6. I take the call. She explains. I say...."Well, now, that could happen to ANYONE, dear! I'll be right there!" (Baseball field is 1.5 miles from this gas station).

What does this have to do with 20 years of marriage? Answer, especially for young men not yet married or only married for a little while: You will do stuff MUCH more stupid than this. You will do it often. And if you laugh, or yell, or do any of the things that a not-married-for-20-years person would automatically do, you will regret it.

Besides, maybe this way I'll get lucky later. You never know. It could happen. Even after 20 years of marriage.


HispanicPundit said...

LOL. Just one more reason why I am not fit for marriage...I would have reacted differently. :-)

Chris Lawrence said...

Spoken like a man who would have gotten Barry Bonds' 715th!