Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Ice and Fog...not

Check this, or else this, for word on the giant wreck on I-40/I-85. It was apparently caused by heavy fog and a layer of ice on the road.

Except, without the fog or the ice. Just rain. So not even like January 19, 2005, when traffic was completely gridlocked for five or six hours, because of less than an inch of ice. At least that was ice. It's hard to drive on ice.

Today, in the rain, more than 80 cars wrecked, in more than 20 little goofball clusters, with more than 30 injuries.

I Lots of these people did nothing more than stop to avoid the cars in front of them, only to be rear-ended, of course, so maybe only half of the 82 (or less) were actually at fault. But that's a lot fault for a Wednesday morning with a brief rain shower.

People in San Diego were talking about this pile-up: "See, Californians aren't the only ones who can't drive!"

One elderly man, at least, was seriously injured. Sometimes, when it first rains in summer, that sheen of oil comes up, and watch out.

Be careful out there....Or else just abandon the pretense and get yourself one of these. Cops love gags like this.