Monday, August 28, 2006

Best Patent Ever

I literally weep with joy at the chance to deliver this news to readers of the End.

There is a patent, an actual US Patent # D419,233 , for a...device? Article of clothing? What would you call it?

Because it is a "unisex short with reversible condom."

It works like this: You wear it as an "innie" or an "outie", just like a belly button.

Men would wear it with the condom covering their protuberance. Women would wear it...well, you know how women would wear it. That would be the "innie": this space available.

Both sexes might want to wear something over it, unless they are in Venice Beach, CA. Or Pittsburgh, CA, the home of the inventor, Roly R. Brodie.

The images are....not work safe, I'm sure. And I could not view them with my browser. So, I may have this wrong, on the details. Please let me know....

(Nod to David Reid)

UPDATE: You just need AlternaTiff to view the images. Not that you will want to, really.