Thursday, August 24, 2006

My Prediction: We Will Hear More About This

The Lebanese Red Cross Ambulance incident: a counterclaim.

This is interesting in a broader sense, because this is what bloggers do.

Send me other links, for or against the hoax claim (I'm agnostic), and I'll post them.

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Anonymous said...


Check the first 2 pictures of the ambulances and tell me what you think. In the first pic, the hole is irregular in 2 dimensions - it's not perfectly circular, and the sheet metal of the roof itself is deformed, making the hole wavy in the vertical dimension. Also, the hole itself appears to be deep and the jagged ends of metal on the inner perimeter of the hole are angled downward, which seems to be consistent of the physics of a puncture.

Now the second hole. It purports to have been taken "in better lighting," but really seems to be simply a much more faded red than the first picture. If there's a photographer in the readership, I could be demonstrated wrong, but it seems unlikely that "better lighting" can turn blood red into faded pink.

Also, look at the gap between the hole and the layer of material beneath it in the second photo. It looks to me like about 2-3 inches of space, at least, between the layers. The other pictures show that the ambulance is some sort of converted VW "Vanagon" kind of vehicle (pics 3-4), that has, at most, a 1-inch layer. Note also the carelessly-strewn coaxial-cable like material resting on the bottom layer. I don't know about converted vanagon ambulances, but I rode in a lot of 1.25 ton army ambulances, and the wiring they have is on the sidewalls, not the roof.

There are a few other things that don't make sense to me, but time presses. What do you think? I've never heard of this "hoax" and don't have a dog in this fight, but it doesn't look like these are pictures of the same ambulance at all. I'll forward this site to a photographer buddy.