Tuesday, August 29, 2006

ProfGRRRRL strikes

Poor ProfGRRRRRL has been to too many faculty meetings (i.e., N>=1)

She nails the patois:

Step 3 -- Random comments and brainstorming (may occur in any order)
CF 2: [excited ramble about why this would benefit the department]
CF 4: [excited ramble about how this would benefit his students]
CF 3: [attempt at joke]
CF 5: [segue into pet project issue that is not entirely related]
Chair: Let's get back on topic
CF 6: [excited ramble about how [idea] would please the dean's office]
CF 1: [pie in sky brainstorm about how this might increase FTEs, solve world hunger, and improve the entire university's ranking]

Step 4 -- Original dissenters are supportive
Policy Wonk: It sounds like there is interest in [idea], and if there is no policy preventing it we could try.
Historian: As long as we make sure to not repeat past mistakes

Step 5 -- The put-your-money-where-your-mouth-is moment
Chair: Well, if we're going to do this, we should figure out who would be in charge. Maybe we need a subcommittee. Who would like to volunteer?

Step 6 -- Crickets

Yepper, yepper, yepper. She left out the part about the Chair seething with fury from start to finish, knowing at Step 1 that it would end up at the same play as always. But maybe other Chairs don't do that.

A bonus: The Night Before School Starts, also by ProfGRRRRL.

(nod to Dirty Davey)