Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Say it, brother!

I have nothing to add to Steven T's series of posts on the U.S. Attorney charade.

So, I'll just link to him, and say, "Yup."


John Q Public said...

will this situation present a reminder to law-makers to consider more fully the legislation they vote on? better to do something stupid than to be seen not doing anything.

Steven said...


Thanks for the amen, bro.


Anonymous said...

Grease/Steven: I really need this 'splained to me. I am unclear about what law was broken by these firings. I just dismissed the whole thing as your basic hysterical dem legislators back in the saddle at long last without checking it out, but apparently there is more to it than that? can y'all break it down for me?

Kevin G

Steven said...

FYI--for those interesting specifically in my posts on the USA business, this link will be of more use.

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