Monday, March 19, 2007

So I couldn't have a plate that said, "Donna"

From the Wall Street Journal:

"The Associated Press reports that Salt Lake City resident Glenn Eurick's
1996 Mercedes will be forced to roll with a new tag after having a license
plate reading 'merlot' for 10 years. Mr. Eurick says the plate never got a
lot of notice -- that is, until the Utah Tax Commission informed him last
week that he had to remove it because the state doesn't allow the names of
intoxicants to be used on vanity plates. His plate managed to glide right
past the censors for more than a decade, so how was he finally caught? An
anonymous caller apparently rang up the state and ratted him out. The car
that carried the offending plate was dark red, like the wine. Mr. Eurick
plans to challenge the state's decision."

I think this means I could not have a plate that said "Donna" if I lived in Utah.

Because my wife (who has started reading my blog, GOTT IN HIMMEL!) is an intoxicant. Aren't you, honey?

(Nod to KL, who has three daughters, and that is intoxicating enough for anyone).


The Unknown Professor said...

Nice move.

There's a lesson to all the you young married guys out there uns on how to stay married - take every opportunity to say nice things to the wife when she's listening.

ptm said...

This has been all over the news here in Salt Lake.

My truck is a similar color, I wonder if I could get "BURGNDY" or "SHIRAZ".

viagra said...

a "Merlot" plate that's hilarious, i want a "Cabernet" plate as well.What a stupid law.It's a complete no sense