Thursday, March 15, 2007

Sweetie? Want Some Milk? Dear?

You may have seen this milk commercial. I hadn't.

And I laughed.

Three things to say here:

1. PMS is real. Not made up. Women may not be a raging mass of hormones, but sometimes their hormones make them rage.

2. My wife forwarded me this link. So, don't blame me for it. She was complicit. So do NOT be sippin' on that HATERade, and crisping me up in comments.

3. On the other hand, PMS just makes women act, for three or four days a month, like men act ALL THE TIME. So, guys, think about that the next time you want to fight the jerk in that SUV that just disrespected you on the highway, when traffic isn't moving anyway and there is no actual harm. Just pour some milk on your big ol' head, and you will feel better.

(Nod to Scott Rope, for putting up that commercial on his blog nearly two years ago. Looks like he hasn't posted for a while, tho. Another voice gone silent...).