Sunday, April 15, 2007

Fire Nancy Grace, Puppy Rapist

Fine, Imus deserved it. He's a race-baiting jerk, always has been. No argument here.

But where is the national outcry for the firing of Nancy Grace?

If you want the indictment spelled out, I have to give credit to John Stewart, here. (WHOOPS! They change the videos in the loop. HERE you go.) The Nazi Germany line, in particular, should be enough to get her fired. Remember, she used that on an analyst who had examined the evidence, in detail, and had concluded that there was just no case for going ahead with the prosecution. Nancy did NOT say, "Wait, you have ignored ...." No, her answer was to claim that allowing defense attorneys to defend clients, and to confront the evidence against them, meant we were in Nazi Germany.

I'm not sure what logical process would lead one to go from A to B there. But I do think that if Imus deserved to be fired (and he did), then Nancy Grace deserves to be fired, with prejudice.

(This thought, like most of my thoughts, is hardly original. For a selective sample, see here, and here, and of course here, though GR doesn't need links from me.)

(Nod to DiW...)


Sunny said...

Thanks for the link! Stop by for "like thinking"!

Anonymous said...

Would anyone be sad if Nancy Grace were fired?

Anonymous said...

The only reason that her firing would make me sad is because she will probably escape a jail cell anyway. I sincerely believe that she belongs in prison for all of the mayhem that she has caused, and firing her is way too mild. She belongs in prison in my opinion.