Friday, April 20, 2007

LGM on Ted Nugent

Large Guns Man is conflicted:

Usually Ted Nugent comes off as a nut job but I can't help but agree with
this article.

I am licensed by the state to carry a concealed weapon. I am not permitted
to bring a gun onto campus because according to state law its a gun-free
zone. I am not sure that allowing licensed individuals to carry guns on
campus is the best idea but it sure beats hiding behind a desk waiting to
get shot. The VT shooting shouldn't be trivialized or really even used for
political gain but I can't help thinking things might have turned out
differently if a few Professors, Students, and Staff members had been able
to shoot back.

I am conflicted. The idea of bringing a gun to campus seems quite wrong
but I prefer it to being helplessly gunned down by someone who will find
the gun free zone has exactly zero enforcement.

For the record I rarely carry a gun, the world isn't that dangerous.

Yep, it is easy to say dumb things right now. I am conflicted, too. LGM is not saying we should all go about armed. But if we have some capacity to defend ourselves, maybe some duty to do so...I am conflicted. So, LGM is right, as usual.