Sunday, April 15, 2007

Props, and an Apology

Props to Radley Balko. A fine counterpoint, and well presented.

And a sincere apology, on behalf of a jusice system that can't control itself, to James Giles. (NOTE: The link I present is from the GUARDIAN, in the UK. You likely didn't hear of this in the U.S. media. I know I didn't.)

Gideon needs a louder trumpet. And public defenders need more resources.

Now, as I have said before, it is important to recognize that these young men at Duke were not prosecuted IN SPITE of their station in life. They were prosecuted, by the city and by the media, BECAUSE of it. So Radley's comparison is not perfect.

Still, he is absolutely right to ask, "Where is the outrage?" for the treatment of innocent people like Mr. Giles. It doesn't have to be the same outrage, but the balance of coverage is striking.

We are sorry, James Giles. I hope you are okay. Much is owed you. If nothing else, we should all know your name.