Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Not Fiction, but a Cartoon Videotape

I believe that this cartoon captures the essence of going to dinner with the Lovely Ms. Mungowitz. It captures the scene so accurately that I think the artist (Mr. Piraro) must have seen us in a restaurant recently.

The link is kind of hinky, so let me just give the dialogue.

Man and woman in restaurant, ordering, waiter is writing down orders.

Man: "I'll have number 7."

Woman: "I'll have a wide assortment of ingredients from your menu, in different combinations than you offer them, but first, this series of probing questions."

But, GOSH, I do love her anyway. Even though in restaurants I generally want to hide.


Carpe Web said...

Reminds me of a restaurant scene from "When Harry Met Sally", but as I know neither you nor the LMM, I'm strictly referring to the ordering of food!

Best regards,

Mike said...

Several old girlfriends had the same quality. The wife, not so much. I linked back on my blog with a little post regarding how I face the same sort of couple in my business of kitchen design.