Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hey Moneybags!

This website shows your own personalized place in the world income distribution.

It's simultaneously fun and unsettling.


akon said...

If you put your annual salary as $0, you get:

You're in the TOP 17.62%
richest people in the world!

You are the 1,057,270,585 richest person in the world!

Negative numbers give the same result.

Mungowitz said...

And if you put $350,000, or $1,200,000, or pretty much any other large positive number, you get "top 1%" and "#107,565"

It's a hoax....

Anonymous said...

even if you are making $1000 a year you are told to buy a $2400 television to help some poor person in another country. Now that's fiscal responsibility.

Michael said...

plus (ahem) income != wealth

Anonymous said...

I put in $1/year and learned that three billion folks live on less than $2/day. Will they share their wealth in turn?

Luckily they don't expect me to give up my TV.

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