Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Angus and Mungowitz are the new Black

Wow!  Some respect, from the WP.  Sort of.  Libertarians are cool!

Of course, EJ Dionne is predictably idiotic.  I really think that there is no set of empirical facts that could make ol' EJD recant his fervent mancrush on Obama.  Yo, EJ:  Libertarianism is a DIRECTION.  You are trying to defend your guy by fabricating criticisms about what you imagine to be the DESTINATION.


Justin Ross said...

"The question libertarians can't answer" actually just means "I didn't ask any libertarians, but I know they would be stumped."

John Thacker said...

It's always kind of sad that the same people who get so upset when "Socialism!" is screamed at social democrats and left-liberals immediately jump right to the same type of arguments against libertarianism.

Anonymous said...

This Michael Lind is a sad sort of scholar if this is the best kind of reasoning he can propose. Lemme have a crack at it: "World peace is stupid and wrong because we have never had world peace, and if it were so great, obviously we would have tried it."