Monday, June 17, 2013

Monday's Child

1.  A Schumer in the White House?  A note:  I have myself never thought Chuckie Schumer is DUMB.  The problem is that he is evil incarnate  I'd like him MORE if he were dumb.

2.  Why does Prof. Angus get such excellent evaluations?  Now...we know.   Touchatouch-atouchaTOUCH me.  I want to be smarty.

3.  Why a lot of "educated" folks won't get hired.  Boiled down:  because expensive colleges offer a lot of fraudulent "Indignation Studies" majors that (1) serve faculty ideological hobbies, and (2) are essentially content-free, in terms of social value or analytical skills.

4. An interesting article.  This guy, publishing in DEMOCRACY, recognizes that Ayn Rand would hate a lot of the guys who claim that they love Ayn Rand, as a protection for their blatant rent-seeking.  He gets a LOT of things right.

5.  If it's true, it's pretty bad.  Not sure it's true, but....

6.  They hated it when GWB did it (and rightly so, let me add).  The difference is that the left trusts Obama when he abuses the power of the Presidency.  And apparently they assume (as every regime assumes) that they will be in power forever.  The Thousand Year Psych.

7.  Information Asymmetry problem solved!

8.  Tattoo-Gate ring available on Ebay!

9.  Happy "Father's" Day.  Gosh, that kid looks different. And this site...really?

10.  Affordable housing shortages are not solved by government action, they are for the most part caused by government action. You can see this documented on an almost daily basis by our friends at Market Urbanism.

SO much more after the jump...

11.  Cicadas are PISSED!  Climate no warmer than 17 years ago...

12.  The new IRS powers under ACA.

13.  Politics and Baby Names, from John Sides

14.  Alan Krueger gives an econ talk, at the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame.  Seriously.

15.  All you Obama fans saw the Roberts decision on ACA as a victory.  But...what now?

16.  Figuring out what we DON'T know about climate science.  (Hint:  A lot)

17. Somebody at NSA is a Pink Floyd fan?  Explains a lot, actually.  If you knew Jackie Blue, it would explain even more.  I'm just sayin'.

18.  I hope Ms. Sebelius is being misquoted.  'Cause....that's nuts.

19.  Not on  A "Neet for Men" hair removal review.  THIS, folks, is why you come to this blog on Mondays.  Admit it.

20.  Yes, we have no bananas.  But we do have a lot of drugs we didn't order.  Now what?

21.  As always, the European idea of a trade deal is "do what we order you to do." And the US idea of a trade deal is "adopt all our nonsensical regulations and labeling rules."  I'm not optimistic.

22.  Maureen Dowd, who has been rockin' it libertarian style lately, notes that Orwell predicted the NSA--and its sanctimonious self-justifications--pretty well.

23.  Have always wondered about "unpaid internships" and the minimum wage.  The courts have finally found out those scofflaws who are trying to give young people enough experience that they can get a good job.  So, I guess it's better to have NO job, forever, because you can't get experience, than it is to spend one summer getting experience so you can then get an excellent job at high pay.   Of course, as KPC's MAIN MAN, Dwight Lee, has pointed out, this won't effect Congress because exempts itself from all the stupid laws--such as minimum wage--it forces everyone else to live by.

24.  This is NOT good journalism, so it is perfect for our purposes.  I am not even going to quote it, but from headline through first paragraph I do hope it is fun!

25.  Jury revolt!  Can't say I blame 'em.  That is one dumb law.

26.  Is this why Mr. Overwater invented the internet?  Yes, it is.  So you can watch dog butts that look like Jesus, and send-ups of haters.  Excellent use of 4 minutes you'll never get back, but didn't really need, anyway.  (Oh, and those of you who know Mr. Overwater, get him to tell you his dog butt story.  It's a good one....)

27.  On recycling, in Grand Forks:  A sensible conclusion.

28.  Prez O angling for another one of those "Peace Prize" things from the Nobel folks.   Arafat and Kissinger would be SO proud.

29.  Okay, so when I agree with pretty much everything on the NY Times op-ed page, something is odd.  Maureen Dowd puts the hammer down, again.  She actually uses the "L-word," lame.

30.  Man calls police on consumer fraud complaint:  "Man, my ho UGLY.  I want my money back."

31. Forget MOOCs, let's use MOOAs.


Anonymous said...

And this site...really?

You missed the "h" in "http" so the link is broken.

Mungowitz said...

Fixed it, thanks!

aub said...

#4 - In a recent Econtalk, Richard Epstein was making the case that states' rights were vigorously defended up to the Civil War and have been eroded significantly since then.

Anyway, the wife and I were then discussing the irony that the Southern Democrats of the time were so pro-liberty/Federalism/etc. and then proceeded to set up a fairly intense regulatory state themselves (you know, over and above that whole keeping people as slaves thing).

It seems that they were just using the 'liberty!' cry as protection, not because they actually believed the principles behind it. Once the need for that protection was gone, they had no more need for Federalism.