Monday, June 03, 2013

Monday's Child is Full of Links

1. Victory through commercial sponsorship?: "The United States might not be the most popular country in the Middle East these days, but in addition to Chevrolet, [Arab Idol's] sponsors include Pepsi, Twix and Kentucky Fried Chicken"

2. It's really BAD that a Chinese company is buying Smithfield Foods, because....well, because it's really BAD!

3.  France worried that it will be swamped by English-speakers, because it is losing out on English-speaking students because it is so aggressively obnoxious to English-speakers.  Just reading this makes you realize how justifiably worried the French are to be French.  They are headed to a hard-earned and well-deserved irrelevance.

4.  Capitalism:  Laugh track, or last laugh?

5.  Prof. Fisher of Yale replies to socialist Stokes, on disappearance of interest rates.

6.  The folks at SCOTUS show a "remarkable outbreak of harmony."

7.  A man who takes spelling VERY seriously.

8.  US Political Polarization, Duke study.

9.  Tinfoil Hat on grant system, and on how it wastes resources

10.  Come the revolution, we won't need no stinkin' religion!

11.  Ripped from the pages of Atlas Shrugged:  I would not have believed this, but it's true.

12.  Gun Free Zone App:  really?

13.  Could Anonyman's generation be any more self-absorbed and solipsistic?  Answer:  No.  Some evidence.

14.  Taylor Swift bought a giant beach house, and walked around downtown, in the LMM's hometown.  In Westerly, this is the biggest thing since Roughie threw that putter through a car windshield.  Heck, maybe bigger.

15.  NASA seems to be dealing with the sequester just fine!

16.  Scott Adams delightfully trivializes P-Kroog.

17.  Peak Oil is peak idiocy, more idiotic every day.

18.  The Tiger Stripes of Enceladus (sounds like a Heinlein novel title, says Angry Alex)

Headline Meme:

1. Beavers attack people in Belarus 

2. Worrying New Trend Sees Diet-Conscious Drinkers Inhale Alcohol to Avoid Calories 

3.  N.M. driver drove drunk while having sex .    (Although, this story is NOT all contained in the headline.  It gets much better, reading the whole thing)


Mike said...

When I was in Mauritius, a Frenchman ran a little bar down the street from my apartment. Every time he handed me a beer, I would say, "Merci." He would reply, "You're welcome."

All across the island I would run into the same thing. If I tried to use French, they would switch to English because, to them, my pronunciation was so bad. In a year I didn't make it past a few phrases.

It's their own damn fault.

It's interesting that we English speakers don't have the same hangup.

Anonymous said...

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