Thursday, August 08, 2013

Discriminating Linebackers?

Compensation Discrimination for Defensive Players: Applying Quantile Regression to the National Football League Market for Linebackers and Offensive Linemen 

Nancy Burnett & Lee James Van Scyoc 
Journal of Sports Economics, forthcoming 

Abstract: Keefer’s recent article in the Journal of Sports Economics, “Compensation discrimination for defensive players: applying quantile regression to the National Football League market for linebackers,” finds wage discrimination in the National Football League market for linebackers. Following Keefer, we examine both ordinary least squares and quantile analysis, as well as Oaxaca and quantile treatment effects decompositions though we explore the market not only for linebackers but also for offensive linemen and limit our study to rookie players. We would expect to find stronger evidence of discrimination, as rookies are captured sellers. However, we find no pattern of discrimination against Blacks. 

Nod to Kevin Lewis

"Oaxaca decomposition treatment"?  I always thought that involved smoking weed.  But no...

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