Friday, August 30, 2013

You have to laugh...

The Repubs sat on their hands the whole time that GW Bush grossly expanded the de facto powers of the Presidency.  It was clearly unconstitutional, but they said nothing, because it was THEIR jerk running things.

Now that Obama has seen everything that Bush did, and then decided to raise, the Repubs are making some tepid noises of protest.  Nothing really big, nothing that would be effective, just whining in the background.  Which is a shame.  The Prez would back down in a heartbeat.  He's bluffing.  But he wins hand after hand, because the Repubs are worthless.  They actually LIKE a powerful, autocratic Presidency.


August said...

Yep. If they did their job they'd have a record and people might vote for or against them based on that record. They'd rather have a really byzantine government, so that when you need a passport you have to call their office in an attempt to route around all the red tape. They help expedite and they tend to get a loyal voter out of the deal.

William Bruce said...

"Politicians are asshats," no?

Pelsmin said...

Still think you're missing the point. Yes, the Repubs are spineless wimps who won't lift a finger to defend the constitution they are sworn to uphold. But so are the Democrats. (Why don't you include them here? Is this the bigotry of low expectations?)

The interesting point is that the prevalent culture and the media engage in a feeding frenzy when they see this behavior from the right, but turn a blind eye when they see it from the left.

As a result, there's a general perception of sleaziness that accumulates around conservatives, especially religious ones, but no equally sleazy view of liberals, who are roughly equal in deserving it. Was Dan Quayle an idiot? Probably. But how about ole Joe Biden? A statesman with gravity and experience? Please.

How many percentage points does that deliver in each election? I bet enough to win presidencies, time and time again.