Friday, August 09, 2013

I bet I kin break 10,000 aigs....

Remember that scene from "Cool Hand Luke," where he bets he can eat 100 eggs?  This is a remix, I guess you'd call it, but it's pretty great:  "When it come to the law, NOTHING is understood."

French farmers went one better:  They bet they could break 10,000 eggs.  Outside a tax office.  To protest low prices.  (Note:  not to protest high taxes, to protest low prices.  Even though higher prices would in effect be a higher tax, on everyone else.  Gotta love Gallic logic.)

The French version.  An English translation (sort of). M.K. offers this interpretation (edited a bit, don't blame him):

It announces breathlessly that some goods will be on sale from June 26 to July 30.  Note that also that certain "economic zones" are excluded from this, and their sales dates are different, being carefully rotated in accordance with the....MASTER...PLAN! If you live in Guyana, you'll have to wait until October 3 for your cheap socks. 

The paragraph below the list notes that, thanks to the Economic Modernization Act (lol) the number of days for permitted discounts has been restricted. Now you know why the French drink, and smoke those ridiculous cigarettes.

And then, M.K. offers this lagniappe: Apparently in highly competitive or struggling businesses, the final weeks leading up to the sale period is a time of rising bankruptcies due to shrinking cash flows amplified by consumer hold-back and retailers' inability to lower prices to save their bacon...  

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