Friday, August 15, 2014

It could be worse, I could live in Dallas!*

LeBron points us to David Yves' 2012 paper on quality of life in America.  Tyler is interested in whether big cities are bad places to live (I read Yves as saying yes, unless they are on the ocean), but I am interested in how the piece illustrates my current situation.

Oklahoma City is ranked 137 (out of 276), right in the middle of the pack. Santa Fe is 6th.


However, my best employment bet in Santa Fe looks to be either community college instructor or free-lance woodworker, while Mrs. Angus and I have amazingly great jobs at OU. We also have season tickets for the Thunder.

People, we badly need one of those Elon Musk tunnels between Santa Fe and Norman.

(*FYCI Dallas is ranked 206!)

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