Monday, August 11, 2014

Monday's Child

1. Only if the "gay agenda" involves speaking English... Those crazy Mormons.  (Or is there something more to the story....)

2.  U.S. Population center:  It's in Missouri.  But where will it go next?

3.  There's something wrong about this.  About ALL this.

4.  But there is even more wrong about this.  Ironing?  If that was your only cause for suspicion, sir, I think that the person you married was in some important sense a woman.

5.  This is why Mr. Overwater invented the internet.  Best line: "The video shows him sitting alone in a field playing his instrument."  No wonder the cows wanted to see that.


6.  From Omerta to .... Facebook!?

7.  Pope's Top Ten for Happiness.

8.  Witness Protection Program.

9.  There are many "WTF?" moments here.  Perhaps the strangest:  The "National Day of Johns Arrests" lasts...18 days.  That's the "Almost three weeks of Johns Arrests," not counting the first and last weekend. But I do think it would be an improvement to make selling sex legal, and only making paying for sex a crime.  Not sure why we want to "care so much about these women that we put them in jail."

10.  Are war and commerce the same?  No, actually.

11.  Amazing how folks on the left think corporations are not entities with interests and strategic responses.  Just free money.  And then they act as any "person" would:  outrage!

12.  Sometimes, people do stuff.  Together.  To help other people.

13.  As usual, people blame the cops for trying to enforce a really dumb law.  And as usual, it's the dumb law that's the problem.

14.  Two surprising things:  (a) someone has enough time on their hands to design an "art exhibit" that involves giant tortoises with iPads glued to their backs; and (b) someone else has time to get up a petition protesting (a).

15.  There was NEVER any chance of the average person/family saving money under Obamacare.  None.  And of course they don't.

16.  Even the NYTimes admits "The President's words were fantasy."  The U.S. just doesn't have the density to run trains effectively.

17.  The "Ideological Turing Test."

18.  What happens when you decriminalize prostitution?  Even unintentionally, as in RI.

19.  Can one be a Zionist libertarian?  Apparently at least one can.

20.  It still hurts his ears, after all this time?   I bet he can't even hear that high note.

21.  Making the "Don't Be Evil" look more and more like a wistful, and ironic, memory.

22.  May be entirely fake, of course.  But it's cute.


Oregon man on meth beats off cops while masturbating in bar.   (I'm pretty sure I used this before, but I can't find it.'s pretty great).  (And, yes, it says "fights off" but you know they considered the version I used here.  So there.)

Really Old Wrinkled Guy from San Francisco Campaigns Naked in Times Square For Right to Be Naked in San Francisco

Teacher arrested after showing up for first day of work drunk and not wearing pants (Gotta love OK)

Woman high on pot with stolen PYTHON wrapped around her neck crashes car into fire house


Anonymous said...

And don't forget the claim that rail is better because there's no security checks:

“This could allow you to go places in half the time it takes to travel by car. For some trips, it will be faster than flying — without the pat-down.”

Hmmm... Gosh... I wonder who decided to have such time-wasting pat-downs at airports? It must be a requirement of the laws of physics in order for lift to occur. I think even the Wright brothers had to pat each other down before they could take off. In fact, it's why it took mankind so long to finally design a functional airplane. Science is hard.

Thomas W said...

The Rhode Island prostitution study is going to be a big problem. The standard line is that rape is a crime of violence, not sex. So rape rates shouldn't be affected by the availability of sex.

Though, of course, this isn't absolute, I've also seen those suggesting porn causes higher rape rates (which goes against the violence argument).

The other prostitution article shows today's anti-trafficking assumptions -- all prostitutes are victims (though "recovered" probably means arrested). It's likely most of the prostitutes, especially if they were using and the like, were independent adults without a pimp or being otherwise force. But they're still victims.

And the assumption of high juvenile prostitution (though it was only 13 of 111) along with not defining "juvenile" (under 18? under 21? under age of consent?). The standard pimp stereotype was also broken with the mother of the 15 year old.

I do disagree with the "make buying sex illegal but not selling it" approach. Much better to decriminalize prostitution.