Friday, August 29, 2014

The Culture that is Germany: The compassion gap

This is a old, but thanks to Emily Skarbek, I just saw it and I love it.

Each of the Euro countries polled think that their own country is the most compassionate in the EU, but 6 out of the 8 can agree on the least compassionate country.

Take a bow Angela, you even edged out France as "most arrogant"!

Also kudos to the Poles for apparently not understanding the first question.


ConnGator said...

France obviously thinks there is nothing wrong with arrogance.

Old Odd Jobs said...

The French also seemed to misunderstand the question, viewing themselves as the most and least arrogant.

Tom said...

To be fair to Angela, Germany's problem might be success. People who have money always seem stingy to those who didn't get enough hand-out.

Dave Tufte said...

Perhaps the Poles who trust the Germans are the ones who live on the side facing Russia ;)