Wednesday, February 16, 2005

I had forgotten

A friend reminded me that it was a year ago that Glenn Reynolds had fingered me (and yes, I enjoyed it; he has very soft hands).

Of course, he got my name wrong (to be fair, so had the Durham Herald, which is harder to understand: Duke is IN Durham, fercrineoutloud. GR is hardly required to fact-check, but gosh...)

In the past year? Duke had the PSM conference, and a few other things caused minor uproars. But we really haven't had anything like the Robert Brandon bit. Sigh. "For the good times..."

The worst part? I wasn't blogging yet, so I missed my Instalanche. Reminds me of Amish's reasons why GR is evil: "He linked a man in Reno, just to watch his server crash."

tough week....

Recruiting, bunch of meetings with administrative flying monkey soldiers, and then gone tomorrow a.m. to San Diego for four days for a Liberty Fund conference.

Back on Monday....

In the meantime:

I have to give David H credit. He's right.

There may be a "developing situation" at Duke. I'll keep you posted....I hope it blows over, but if not I'll be blogging a lot more about the good Horowitz, and the SAF, next week.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Kill Something and Eat It....March 15

At the Mungowitz house, we snack high on the food chain. I don't know if God gave man dominion over the beasts of the field, but She certainly gave me an ATM card and big-ass cart to drive along the Kroger meat aisle. That may be even better than dominion.

A lot of the beasts of the field, and the forest, and the oceans, and the air.... they all smack my plate, and they are soon sacrificed to my enjoyment. And nutrition. Meat is GOOD for you, and the reason it tastes good is that thousands and thousands of years of evolution have selected for taste buds that are pleasurably stimulated by the taste and texture of meat. No other way to get that many calories, AND that much iron and protein, so quickly. MMMMmmmm...burgers.

Kgrease has a lot of friends who are vegetarians, and they have my greatest respect. They are (for the most part; Andy Rutten is an exception) healthier than I am. They make a choice, and they stick to it, and they don't say a thing to me when I get 120 ounce Porterhouse. (Yes, the big-ass cart full of meat leads to my big-ass ass). 240 pounds of pro wrestling GIIIIRTHYness.

I support vegetarians, and make sure I only suggest restaurants with good vegetarian alternatives, and at my house I serve vegetarian dishes. My wife is mostly a vegetarian, though she eats chicken now and then.

This is how MOST big problems should be handled, in my opinion. Abortion: clear example. I think abortion is dead wrong, a sin, a terrible mistake, a psychological blot that the woman can never wash away. I also think that that is my opinion, and I should keep it to myself. You ask me, I'll tell you: Abortion is wrong, don't do it. But if you don't ask, you'll never hear a peep. And I certainly wouldn't use the coercive powers of the state to FORCE you or your partner to bear a child that isn't wanted. The folks at PETA have long plowed the "meat is murder" furrow. Then, two years's a Holocaust. (Coturnix and I don't agree on much, but we are pretty much on the same PETA-page). (And, as Coturnix points out, there are very legit concerns about cruelty to animals. SPCA is the answer...)

So: strike back. The suggestion is that we make March 15 INTERNATIONAL EAT AN ANIMAL FOR PETA day. If you want to see the proposed language for a letter to the PETAnians, check it out. (Yes, this is two years old, but LET'S REVIVE THE HOLIDAY!)

Check THIS out. Irony is dead.

Here's the thing: It's fun to think that the PETArians are just cute whack-jobs, with funny, radical views. That's not true. They are fascists, dangerous lunatics, and terrorists. They attack humans to "save" animals, even though in many cases those animals exist only because humans care for them. Yes, in order eventually to eat them, or use them in labs, but the only reason the animals exist is because we want them to.

And, on March 15, let's each reduce that animal population by one. I have tried to train my sons to be responsible carnivores. They don't just eat meat; they are happy to help kill the animal.

As I read this, I realize that a lot of vegetarians are going to be offended. I am a little sorry about that, because you are for the most part good people, seriously committed to doing the right thing as you see it. But if you are reading some cheesy blog looking for reasons to be offended, you may want to get a life. I hear WalMart is having a sale on lifes, cheap. (Wait, you probably don't go to WalMart, either. Damn!)

(nod to Anti-C, though he is surely blameless for provoking this outburst)

UPI and Google: A match made in...Detroit?

I was cruising UPI, looking for news.

Came across this:
Detroit's Hotel Pontchartrain to be auctioned
DETROIT, Feb. 12 ( UPI)- The 413-room Hotel Pontchartrain, a Detroit downtown waterfront landmark that has suffered with a weak occupancy rate, will be sold at auction. 09:40 Feb 12, 2005

Then I noticed the GOOGLE ads, on the entire left side of the display. It went like this:

Ads by Goooooogle
Hotel Pontchartrain
Rates 70% off - Get 4% back on this hotel. Book online now.

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So, the deal is this: If you look at a news story that says a hotel is going bankrupt, GOOGLE assumes you want to go there. Okay, it is a bit much to expect the AI to be able to tell good news from bad news. But isn't it a little eerie that the ads shown respond to your news item selections?

So...I google "Larry Page is a dildo" and...voila! Up comes an ad for "The Dildo Store" (you are going to have to look up that URL for yourself, you sick thing).

So Bloggy Together

Denizens of Blogania (present company, especially readers, excepted) may not be the most social people. When you consider how we flame each other in the virtual world, there may be some questions about how we actually deal with each other in the "real" world.

That's why it was great that there was such a successful meeting of blogadacios (and -as) in Chapel Hill yesterday. The good Coturnix describes it, and comes eerily close to how I would expected it to go, also: Expect to go and sit in a corner passively. But, Coturnix ended up (ick!) actually talking to people. And I suppose that was the beauty of the event: there are people behind those keyboards.

Of course, Coturnix really has done some good work in providing a forum for group work.

And Ed Cone also gives a description. For a carpetbagging Mets fan, Ed is all right. This bit of constitutional revisionism is a little over the top, perhaps.

I'm really sad I didn't get to go. This darned job thing. I need to win the lottery, soon. Got any good numbers? Oh, wait, NC has no lottery. Never mind.