Monday, October 07, 2019

Monday's Child is full of Links!

1.  Febreeze.

2.  Hatin' on "Joker."

3.  The argument that Trump did nothing wrong. And....besides, Rick Perry made him do it.

4.  "P'owning the Lib/Fash" is not enough.

5.  "But Trump is really a libertarian." Or, not.

6.  I happen to think that, on net, Brexit is a bad idea. But reasonable people can disagree, and still be reasonable. Remarkable that such views make one a "fascist," for the left.

7. 30 years after the "Velvet Revolution" in Czech Republic.

8.  On the 100th birthday of JM Buchanan.

9. Self-censoring.

10. The very notion of economic "policy" is problematic.

11.  It's a good idea to learn to identify bad ideas.

12.  College libraries.

13.  Yankee fans at the playoff games all have their own trust funds and can't imagine having to WORK for a living. So they mock people who DO work.

14. Robots.

15. The bear cubs who locked themselves in the car and then blew the horn are big in India. Cuteness sells everywhere.

16. Making office hours less scary?

17. Stingy millennials. All that saving.

18.  Country music no longer exists. But, bluegrass abides.


It's a shame; P-Kroog had been doing better lately, sticking to international trade, a subject he actually knows something about. But this is just asinine. Debt is money that some actual people borrow, and use the money for narrow, selfish reasons. That money must be paid back by someone else, in this case by people who are not yet born and can't possibly be said to have consented.  The idea of "cost" to an entire nation is nonsense. The point is the distributional consequences, which Paul claims he cares about in other contexts.

I understand Paul takes himself seriously. But when he says stupid sh*t like this, how can anyone ELSE take him seriously?