Monday, June 24, 2019

Monday's Child is Full of Links

1.  Asset Liquidation, small college specialty. (Markets in everything)

2.  Georgia and their primary problem....

3.  The thing, itself, in Phoenix.

4.  From my excellent Duke colleague Sarah Bermeo.

5.  The Facebook LIBRA.

6.  "She's Gotta Have It," Netflix version.

7.  Burns and White on the Fed Under Trumpism.

8. Trump's Iran "Deal".

9.  Regulating the Unicorns.

10.  Wow. Oberlin really screwed this up.

11.  There was no word. Then Gary Larson made one up. Now: Thagomizers are a thing. Really.

12. Micro-aggression hot-lines are perhaps not a great idea.

13.  "Expressive Behavior" by Arye Hillman.

14.  "Buchanan and the Nature of Choice," Lewis and Behal-Dold.

15.  Physical attraction is not a rational process. Whatever its current status, it was attached by evolved processes to reproductive success. Thus, if it is true that "Trans People Are Excluded From the World of Dating," it may well be that physical attraction is complex, NOT that people are bigots. And, of course, people may be bigots. Both things can be true.

16.  Amazon's "Tiny Kiosk."

17. It turns out that if you are good at Matlab you can do things like this. If you want some background....

18.  Are "food deserts" caused by limited supply, or narrow demand? The answer is both. But limited and narrow demand for unhealthy foods is by FAR the greater cause.  On the other hand, there is a big effect on demand from having means-tested subsidy.  "Good" food is a normal good, in other words.  Forthcoming in QJE....

19.  No apprentice.

20. Aged, living alone.  Say "Hello in there."

21. Bustin' outta "whale jail."

22.  The future of policing is private?

23.  Libra may have been born under a bad sign....

24.  Hal Varian, and kale.

25.  The urge to DO something.

26. Medieval sexualizing.

27.  Anaxagoras:  The Moon Rocks.

28.  The way of carnal lust: Medieval nuns and sexual governability

29.  Texas water politics.

30. If a woman's body is a crime scene, that's not decriminalization.

Grand Lagniappe: The LMM had an "important" birthday this week.  Happy rainbow!