Monday, July 01, 2019

Monday's Child is Full of Links

1.  VAR in women's Copa Mundial:  You are not good.

2.   WWII bomb in a barley field.  In Germany.

3.  Kamala Harris is a cop, and a political cop at that.

4.  Nationalism.

5.  Garbage pickup in Italy, and then in Raleigh.

6.  What does "voluntary" actually mean?  I claim we need the concept of "euvoluntary."  And Ricardo G and I wrote this, which I'm pretty proud of.

7. In San Francisco, you can have marijunan, but not e-cigs.

8.  Robots and jobs. Written by a person named "Anneken," no less.

9.  Peter Singer shows he is actually committed to the principles of liberalism, because he is a utilitarian.

10.  The illiberal right.

11.  Tennessee Wine and Spirits Assoc v. Blair.

12.  Florida Man and his moods:  First, hungry.  And then, wanting love from pet snake.  (Yes, from 2015, but still....)

13. Animal control, out of control?   It appears to be real, though the charges may be dropped. To be fair to the AC officers, though.....the thing itself. It is actually the law.

14.  The worst contract ever. And today is Bobby Bonilla day!  8%. They agreed on 8%. The Mets management is unbelievably dumb.

15.   Trump wants him some parades.

16.  Predicting the future.

17.  The scolds are coming.

Grand Lagniappe:  Remy!