Monday, September 30, 2019

Monday's Child is Full of Liniks

1.  Pumpkin Spice SPAM sold out in a few hours. I hope this means that they only made 4 cans of it. BUT....I don't think this means that. What is WRONG with you people?

2.  Swimmers and runners have different arm and leg muscle development, which makes sense. But they also have different heart development.

3. A Brit view of judicial REview.

4.  Tik-Tok.

5.  Markets and capitalism saved the whales.

6.  Why impeachment now?

7.  Interesting interview on Foucault, and the Austrians.

8. Learning by biking.

9. The horrible lantern fly invasion.

10.  Sex work is complicated. So is regulating it.

11.  Are we possessed by our possessions?

12.  Collective brain.

13. Boaty McBoatface.

14.  The China Gambit.

15. My paper on attention distribution as a measure of salience, in Public Choice. With Libby Jenke.

16. It's pretty straightforward. Protectionism is a huge tax increase. On American consumers.

17. A Twitter thread on history. Our rail system is built to accommodate a couple of horses' asses.

18.  Tipping in the gig economy.

19.  Cherry tariffs.

20.   Screaming babies in the air.

21. The Meaning of Life, in less than five minutes.

22. Nietzsche and the Meaning of Life, in more than five minutes.

23. Conservatives are useless. Again.

24. Remarkably tortured reasoning: ban vaping because some people use illegal black market capsules.  Should ban cars, because some bank robbers use them as getaway vehicles.

25. Howdy Modi


Dude wants to propose to his lady.  At the zoo is strange enough. But at the hippo pool? Okay, whatevs. But then Fiona Hippo decides to photobomb the shot of the actual ask.  I guess all the ladies of all species want to say "aw...." at the sight of some dude proposing in public. Well done, Fiona.