Thursday, March 17, 2022

Transaction Costs in Everything: Wooden Puzzle Sharing Platform

This is actually pretty remarkable.

There is small (by proportion, though fairly large in number) subculture of wooden puzzle enthusiasts. Really high quality, die-cut, wooden puzzles.

But of course each puzzle is reasonably expensive, and once it's assembled it's really just....well, a picture with a bunch of squiggly lines in it. Not that much to look at.

A natural for sharing. Enter the Hoefnagel Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Club!   You keep the puzzle for as long as you want. And puzzles are generally "returned" by mailing it to the the next user, not back to the central facility. And everyone can afford better and more varied puzzling!

A library of wooden jigsaw puzzles delivered by mail.
Browse The Library
 Like old-school Netflix, but for puzzles 
 Unlimited puzzles, keep puzzles as long as you want 
 30 brands: Artifact, Liberty, Stave, Wentworth 
 800+ different wooden jigsaw puzzles 

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