Saturday, March 26, 2005

I Must Just Be Inert...

...cause I cannot work myself into a fevered, irrational fury for either side in l'affaire Schiavo. It is tragic, all of it. Why is it a matter of national policy? Why is the state (both the FLA state and the FED state) butting in?

I think that two of the best things I have seen are these:

I started the week off thinking that Congress and the President did a good thing by allowing the federal courts to have a look at this. In the mean time it has become clear that the other supporters of that decision won’t be happy until they get the right outcome, regardless of what the law says. Every time a decision that goes against them is made, they move the goalposts and no-one will be spared from their wrath. I hope the Republicans (and I, also) never fall for an attempt to pander to hysterics again.


and this:

In all the debate about "what Terri would have wanted" people seem to be forgetting that her vegetative state was initially caused by anorexia and bulimia. She was TRYING to starve herself. Let her finish.


(Nod to CL, who said this the Schiavo controversy:
the libertarian in me thinks (perhaps on the erroneous assumption that time is a meaningful legislative commodity) the more time they spend on this the less they can spend futzing with my life. )