Thursday, April 26, 2007

From Freeze Productions: Car Trek!

From the Freeze Family Video Archives: Car Trek.

I like the sound they make when the car whooshes by. I think they just blow into the microphone. Very nice.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

As the Lawyer says: Sic faciunt omnes


This story in the Rocky Mountain News describes some "meetings" between a judge and prosecutor.

The story, in brief:
Douglas County judge and a female prosecutor admitted having sex in his chambers, and on more than one occasion he slipped into the women's showers at the courthouse for a tryst.

Those are some of the details included in a complaint filed Friday with the Attorney Regulation Council, which is looking into allegations that could result in their disbarment.

Grafton Minot Biddle, 57, resigned Dec. 18 after his fourth wife sent a letter to the chief judge saying he was having an affair with Laurie A. Steinman, 29.

Carol Chambers, district attorney for the 18th Judicial District, fired Steinman on Dec. 22, the day she admitted to the affair, the complaint said.

As rumors of their romance became fodder for courthouse gossip, the complaint said, Biddle encouraged Steinman to permanently delete messages they exchanged using their e-mail accounts at work.

"If people read this stuff, we're dead," Biddle told Steinman, according to the complaint.

What I like is the expression on the judge's face. He is 57, she is 29.

Why Women Need Guns

Human males and females are dimorphic. Not just in terms of shape (though vive that!), but in size.

A gun in the purse, the glove compartment, or the dresser drawer is the most plausible of solving this.

A funny YouTube movie, sent by a reader. The description (I'm not making this up, check it yourself) is:

Hello, well...Me, kristen, and a big ass white guy named Munger go at it in locker boxing form.

Give Kristen even a small caliber handgun, and this would go a lot better.

Does make me wonder: not all "big ass white guys" are "named Munger." But it appears that most Mungers are big ass white guys.