Thursday, March 19, 2015

Florida or Ohio?

People, here's the headline:

Police on the Hunt for Serial Pooper

So I gotta ask, where do you think the Hunt is happening, Florida or Ohio?

Hat tip to @willafriedman

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Shades of Diner?

Remember the movie "Diner," where Eddie gives Elyse a 140-question test about football (the Baltimore Orioles, actually) as a condition of going through with the marriage?  (If you don't... )

Well, it appears that a bride in India gave her man a pop quiz.  He failed, and she bailed

(The quiz was, "What is 15 plus 6?"  His answer, "17," is indeed a disqualification for someone who claimed to have gone to college.  UNLESS, I should note, the person went to college at an "elite" U.S. school and majored in any of the "Indignation Studies" curricula.)

Just as a lagniappe, the story also mentions a different wedding, where the groom had a seizure and the bride asked for volunteers.  I wonder how that went:  "Look, I got the dress, and the henna, and Dad paid for the feast.  It would be a shame to waste it.  Anybody wanna step up here?  You?  Can you do simple addition problems?  Okay, let's do this."

To be fair, it may well be that the Indian conception of marriage makes sense, in the context.  And their divorce rate is lower.  But that may be because you have to wait 15 years, and risk being killed by your husband or his relatives.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A Deep Smithian Insight

This person is not "lovely."  Adam Smith would recognize what's going on here.  This is NOT a functioning system of self-interest.  An XKCD insight:

For more, see Russ Robert's new book on Smith...

Monday, March 16, 2015

Maxi-Minimum Wage: Jobless in Seattle

Angus and I agree on many things.

One thing we agree on is the minimum wage. Angus has made the case.  We just don't know much about the effects of minimum wages, in the neighborhood of the existing wage.  I was a bit more intemperate, but that's not surprising.

And we agree that the usual retort, "Well, if raising the minimum wage a little is good, why don't you want to raise it a LOT?"  That's idiotic.  It just doesn't follow.  If I have a headache and take two Tylenol, it doesn't mean that I think that taking the whole bottle would be better.  No one is advocating that.

Unless they are.  Then we also agree that it is clearly possible to raise the minimum wage too high.  And Seattle may have done that. "Mysterious."  Good one, JS.