Friday, November 13, 2015


I have not had this experience.  But that may be because (a) most students actually want an education; the students who are focused on subverting education are likely to come from rich families that pay for everything, freeing little Junior and Buffy to be indignant with impunity and (b) my classes just don't promise any of this sort of thing.

So, with the caveat that I have never seen this kind of class, and the warning that this video is actually fairly offensive,  here is one version of "educayshun."

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Holy Toledo!

People I am grooving on Car Seat Headrest (AKA Will Toledo).

Dude has like 10 albums up on Bandcamp! (go to the lower right to see them all)

Now he's signed to Matador and has released a sort of best of compilation from his existing work.

Highly Highly recommended.

Reminds me a bit of Jens Lekman and of White Fence. This is the kind of low fi shit that really floats my aging boat!

Here's one of my favorites:

Monday, November 09, 2015

The TSA does NOT save us from terrorists

There's an old joke:

A:  Elephants are really good at hiding in trees.

B:  Wait, what?  That can't be right.  I've never seen an elephant in a tree.

A:  Well, right.  See how well they hide?

The TSA operates on pretty much the same principle.  There is enormous expense and hassle, including a lot of just aggressively personal abuse (just this week, I saw an old lady yelled at until she burst into tears, just because she had an artificial hip and didn't know what to do).

But there are no terrorist attacks.

See how well the TSA is protecting us from terrorist attacks? usual, Adam Ruins Everything.