Monday, December 09, 2019

Monday's Child is Full of Links!

1.  Menotoxin. Seriously: menotoxin. Don't make the tapai.

2.  Florida baby shower.

3.  The rush to impeach is a sign the Dems don't think the public will be persuaded anyway.

4.  Heh. Some animals are more equal than others. If BoJo said, it's anti-semitic. If J-Cor said it, tho, it's reasonable.

5. Trade wars may or may not be good. They are (apparently) definitely not easy to win.

6.  Visions of immigrants.

7. Genuine evil often simply serves a vision of the good. But people are seen as means for achieving that good, rather than the good being FOR them as ends.

8.  This is a great read. Starts out a little slow, but by the second page it gets good. Fun in court with Allstate.

9. Uber's report on sexual assaults in cars, interpreted.

10.  4 baby daddies. In New York.

11. Dentist on a hoverboard.

12.  Prosperity and freedom.

13.  Man humping stuffed animals at Target. No, really. He went after the unicorn.  To quote the report: The December 5 information accuses Meader of “willfully and maliciously” damaging Target goods “by ejaculating on the merchandise.” I think "EOTM" should become part of the Target announcements: "Cleanup, aisle 15. There's been an EOTM."

14. The southern gothic guide to impeachment.

15.  Gay eye for the straight woman.

16.  DJT says what many people are thinking. Many people are wrong, but still, he's saying it. The problem with democracy is that "many people" are right even if they are wrong.

17.  This could easily be "The Onion." Instead, it's "The Banana," but apparently true. Of course, someday bananas may actually be a curiosity.

18.  I'm not a slovenly mess, I'm just really smart. Studies show it.

19. Immigration quotas did not raise wages

20.  Dan Klein on the leftist view of Adam Smith's argument. (VIDEO)

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