Sunday, August 26, 2007

Fundman Gets Married

Fundman got married! To a girl and everything. A pretty, and smart girl. No,
I can't explain it either. The demand side makes perfect sense;
the supply side? I dunno.

Anyway, the stars really came together. Because NEANDERBILL WAS
THERE, TOO! Neanderbill flew with us on the plane to Fundman's home
town, and provided considerable entertainement.

First, Neanderbill was sleepy. He had apparently not gotten his
full night's sleep. In the Raleigh airport, he fell fast asleep with his feet up on a chair, blocking an aisle. Now, the "grown up napping trifecta" is:
1. mouth wide open
2. loud snoring
3. visible drooling

But Neanderbill had his head tilted way back. This caused his mouth to fall open in a wonderfully amusing way (everyone at the gate enjoyed it!), but he only got partial snoring credit (just sporadic snorts). And the head tilted back meant no drooling at all. A disappointment.

Anyway, after we got to F's HT, we had some adventures (on which, more soon!). Went to the wedding, very nice. Came home, and we all had some nappies. I got this photo of Neanderbill fully stretched out, using a book for a blanket:

The nap must have worked, because after we woke him up he was soon observed out on dance floor, shaking his remarkably bony moneymaker.

(And, for the sake of propriety, I should note that this is a purely paternal/platonic sort of dance, with a young woman who is an ex-PhD-student. Neanderbill is an INTENSELY moral fellow. Always moral, always on purose; usually amusing, sometimes on purpose.)

And, in interests of fairness, here is Ms. Mungowitz and me. Yes, I'm wearing a tie (that's good; it's a formal wedding). Yes, I'm wearing it like a samurai scarf (not so good).

And...finally: Fundman himself, in two shot. Congratulations, and enjoy Italy, you two!


Anonymous said...

Just to clarify for any law enforcement folks - my wife is the one on the left, not the one on the right in the bottom photo.

Additionally I can testify that Mungowitz's dancing hair is a sight to behold.

Anonymous said...

The dancing event has shown that Mungowitz's hair has a real function: it bounces to keep the beat. Evolution rules.

Shawn said...

clearly, the samurai tie is in honor of the 'coconut incident'.

Judges rule that acceptable.

Anonymous said...

I feel very hurt that the "Great Mungowitz" did not request the pleasure of dancing with me at the wedding...then again, he did witness the Mother/Son dance when I did my twirl at the end...that might explain it. Also, those of you who are returning to Chicago for the Political Science Conference, if you are stopped by the Chicago Police for a DUI, please contact the Fundman's fahter (Defense Criminal Trial Attorney)...we could use the money after this wedding!!!

Unknown said...

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