Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sophie's Choice

Oh Norman, so sweet, but so cruel.

People, we have a thing in April called the Norman Music Festival. And wonder of wonders, both Dirty Projectors, who made my 2009 album of the year, and Leon Russell who is the absolute nuts are playing. And it's free. And it's an easy walk from my office.


So what is my beef?


How can this be? What kind of cruel joke is this? Do the Dons of Norman think no one could possibly like both the DPs and Leon?

How wrong they are, people, how wrong they are.

I am not making this up. It is a two day festival and there are no other acts nearly this good playing (sorry Evangelicals, you're good but not that good). Yet there it sits in black and white on the event's webpage: Sunday night, Main Stage 9:30 pm Dirty Projectors. Sunday night Jagermeister Stage 9:00 pm Leon Russell.

This is epic FUBAR, people.

Crap like this never would have happened to me if I had lived in the 1880s!

Any advice?


Mr. Midshipman Hornblower said...

Go for the mixed bundle. See Leon Russell at 9:00, then walk on over to Dirty Projectors around 10:00.

Unless going to both costs significantly more than going to just one. In that case, I have no advice.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to catch Electric Six there, too! I think they're playing on the same stage as DP or Leon Russell.

Arnold said...

You're obviously best off starting with Leon Russell at Jagermeister Stage at 21.00 (since the Dirty Projectors aren't playing as yet). The only question that you need to decide is when to move over (if at all) to the Main Stage for the Dirty Projectors. If you know how long each one is playing for (more specifically how long DP is playing for), and you know how much you like each one as compared to the other, it should be a simple linear equation for you to solve. Of course, you'd have to factor in the time spent to move from one to the other as well.

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