Friday, April 13, 2012

The Grand Game: Inequality Division

The gap between the way I would characterize the events of the last five decades, and how this person characterizes the events of the last five decades.... amazing.

He oscillates between making up facts, misinterpreting facts, and simply ignoring facts altogether. Enjoy.

"A Short History of NeoLiberalism"


Sam Wilson said...

Link's busted.

Johnson said...

this reads like a bad caricature of a leftist. its like it was written by a guy who knows a guy who learned about neoliberalism from a marxist history prof. his students should demand their tuition money back

MikeMcK said...

Remember, top down command-and-control from the WB and IMF and government granted monopolies means a global laissez faire economy, right?

I study in a college of education, I read papers like every. single. day.