Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lengua vacuna

Went to Fuente Chilena, right by the apartment, for dinner last night. Not much of a web site...

But, a very fine cow tongue, lengua vacuna. Fortunately, it did not look like this. Doubt if I could have eaten that.
I got the chacarero platter version, which came with tomatoes, sliced chilis, and a big helping of green beans. Tongue was thin sliced, and both tender and nicely spiced. Aji sauce on top of the green beans....yum.

And, of course, Kross. Lots more Kross.

Quite inexpensive, and a nice setting. Fuente Chilena is a win.

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Anonymous said...

...the only thing you can eat which can taste you back....

Here in Arlington VA there is a nice taco place on Washington Blvd which has tongue tacos, with onions and cilantro, very nice though small, for $2 each. dave.s.