Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mugabe, the gift that keeps on giving

I thought this awesome "Zanu PF" twitter feed was a satire, but now I'm not so sure, as government ministers are denying Mugabe's illness in more traditional news outlets.

Word is that the 88 year old is finally on his way out, but has a poison pill in place to ensure that he can continue to torment Zimbabweans from beyond the grave.

Yes, he's hand-picked a successor,  and it's "The Crocodile"; aka Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Allegedly, the plan is to keep Mugabe alive for one more election later this year. Then after he wins, he hands power over to the Croc, who is widely credited with orchestrating the violence and chaos that let Mugabe hang on to power after the debacle of the 2008 elections (Mnangagwa has a long and distinguished resume of violence and intimidation, read the article).

In related news, it seems like Bobby M is a Florida State fan:


robert said...

wait - I don't see the Florida State reference ... is it 'the chop' that he's supposedly doing? Is his tie or hat an FSU one?

Angus said...

just the colors and the closed fist chop.

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wow what most catches my attention is the suit of Mr.

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