Thursday, April 12, 2012

Santiago Street Dogs

Very common for dogs, even packs of dogs, to roam the streets of Santiago.

Sometimes they get hit by cars, and someone will just toss them over against the wall on the sidewalk. I took a picture of this poor guy.

Poor thing, legs all up in the air, just tossed like garbage. Except I noticed he was breathing. So I rubbed his belly. Dog was momentarily startled, but then stretched out his front legs and did that loud "mmmmmmmm" that dogs to do react to belly rubs, and he went back to sleep. Not a very comfy position, but then he's a dog. Living the dog's life, not hit at all, just laying around.


Adrian Hillman said...

He almost looks more comfortable if you rotate the photo 90 degrees clockwise! I like the way he's keeping his head in the narrow shade - perhaps that's how he ended up like this.

LoneSnark said...

When I last traveled to south America about 1/4th of the pictures I took wound up being of street dogs. I really love wildlife. If I went on safari in Africa I would bring back a lot of pictures of wildlife, and dogs tend to be the only wildlife available in urban South America.

Dr. Tufte said...

Dogs with hip dysplasia often lay like this.