Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Grand Game: Western Politcal Science Association

I actually thought this was a spoof.  No one could seriously mean this, as an invite to participate in a political science conference (the Westerns).  To be clear:  it's not a meeting of lefty nuts, it's a meeting of professional political scientologists.

Since the passage of the Taft Hartley Act in 1947, the US has seen steady erosion in [protections for workers]. Workers in the US and Europe bear a greater and greater burden for the social goods provided by their society and receive fewer and fewer benefits while those who have benefitted most from the triumph of capitalism have begun to knock down the reforms achieved in the 20th Century. Hopes of spreading the improved human condition to the global south have foundered on a reconstructed mercantilist and neo-colonial international trade regime that has resulted in exploitation of workers in lesser-developed nations and vast environmental degradation.

Is democracy up to this challenge? Can the free-market global economy again be brought into line with the goals of improving the conditions of humanity? Are our institutions, nation-states, international compacts, and ways of thinking up to this challenge, or will the latter part of the 21st Century more closely resemble the late 19th than the late 20th? While the WPSA welcomes proposals on all political and governmental questions of interest to the discipline, in 2013, we would like to pay particular attention to domestic and international inequality, its causes and its consequences, and whether democratic institutions are up to the task of addressing either.

But it appears to be serious.  Wow. 


With a nod to the Bishop.


Anonymous said...

Congrats! You're now all English professors.

Jacob T. Levy said...

Um. Wow.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the enlightened Paul Watson will speak. See Tim Stanley's response.

gabriel said...

I see the American Sociological Association's plan to extend franchise relationships to regional poli sci associations is proceeding smoothly.

Epic fail said...

I'm sure it will go fine, considering that the program chair for this year's conference is a highly-regarded expert on political economy.

Pelsmin said...

Yes, and the Chair of the conference, when he's not leading his Race and Gender studies classes, runs a polling firm. The firm recently found that Latino voters aren't likely to change their vote to Romney if he picks Rubio as his running mate. Turns out the question was worded to ask if they were likely to "Vote Republican" if Romney selects "Republican Senator Mark Rubio" as his running mate. Nice.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Comp 101 FAIL!
Reminds me of the Chicago professors' letter protesting the Milton Friedman. What the frak are you trying to say, exactly? And this from people who pride themselves on writing English, not math (congratulations, you now stink in both).