Wednesday, August 15, 2012


1.  Why is the world's largest corporation buying fake poop?  Note the pictures, it's impressively realistic.

2.  Paul Ryan looks to be Romneycorp's answer to the "Just a bunch of rich out of touch guys" attack.  I had not considered that angle, but it may work to some extent.

3.  Good scientist!  You get a badge!  If they tried something like this in comparative politics journals, let's just say that the total number of badges awarded would be.... none.

4.  Several interesting posts on energy economy from Mark Perry.

Nod to Angry Alex, and the Blonde


Anonymous said...

We should be taxing rich people like Bill Gates so the government can properly allocate these funds. People like Bill Gates who worked hard to earn their money should not have a say in how they spend it to help the poor. If only those funds were going to government to create bureaucrat jobs to make these vital decisions for society then we'd have lower unemployment and a stronger recovery. Can you believe the audacity of these one percenters?

33bbhair33 said...