Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Election Day Ritual

It's Election Day!

And since I do go out and vote, unlike some trolls, it's important to have a ritual.  First, watch a beautiful man sing a truly terrible '80s song:  Europe gives us "The Final Countdown."

And, then, since I already had a colonoscopy this year, I go to the dentist to get in the mood.  With any luck, I'll need some drilling work done!

Check the results tonight!  I'm hoping Barbara Howe beats 3.5% in NC, and that Gary Johnson passes 1% nationally.


Tom said...

Thank you, Mungowitz. Those numbers would... WILL be awesome.

The poopy head troll against voting was right about the particulars, the bipartisan drone strikes, the TSA, the Patriot Act, Messiah complexes, the War on drugs, idiotic trade policies, et al. He forgot (?) that one can vote against all that by checking on the Libertarians. I voted and enjoyed it. I particularly enjoyed not giving a damn which Robomaeny was the lesser evil.

Anonymous said...

Johnson was forced off the ballot in Michigan because he ran in the Republican Primary. I'm not sure how many other states did the same, but could keep him below 1 percent.

sb said...

I'm sure you meant to say "terribly awesome '80s song."

Gerardo said...

My son's class had it Romney 9, Obama 8. The teacher didn't allow third-party candidates.

View from Wisconsin. Presidential race could go either way. Senate race we hope they both lose.

Bill Sorrento said...

sb has it right! That song is awesome!! It's probably 30 years old and there is no better way to pump up the bar crowd than to play it just before last call. We're heading to Venus!!