Friday, November 09, 2012

I like EVERYTHING about this

I like everything about this web site / blog.  Mostly this particular post, which is a work of genius, but overall.... outstanding.  I don't agree with everything, but I like everything.  Something to make everyone uncomfortable.

Well, maybe not  everyone.  Tommy the Tenured Brit might enjoy the guy in the jeans.  That guy in the jeans, even *I* think he's pretty hot.

The point is that the author of that post is a real conservative, almost an extremist conservative.  He wonders if perhaps Rush Limbaugh is not sound on fundamentals.  If even that guy voted for Gary Johnson...well, then the Republicans have their heads so far up their voting boxes they can't even see a sliver of daylight.


Anonymous said...

Well, we know they can't see a Silver .... bjg

Pelsmin said...

I really don't get the view that republicans hate gays. If it’s more than a media myth, I don't see or hear it from my Conservative/Republican friends. Of course you can find people in the GOP tent of religious views who oppose what you might call the "gay political agenda" and you find some who truly hate gays. They should be barred from the party along with the David Duke racists. But you have Democrats who actively, expressly hate America and support the most radical "eat the rich" views. Why isn't the Democratic party defined that way? In the end, politicians accept help from whoever advances their goals; call it hypocrisy, evil, immoral. They’re politicians. That’s why our founding fathers based the constitution on LIMITING government instead of perfecting it.

Unknown said...

It's my blog (which originated a few years ago when I felt left out on April Fool's day as I had no joke to tweet, and at 11:59 tweeted that Andrew Breitbart had hired me and Camille Paglia to edit a blog called BigHomo. And then a reason magazine editor said to me that Breitbart should actually do that). The guy who I stole, with permission, that post from lives in California and doesn't want his last name posted.

I think the media will do anything to destroy any serious threat to the Democrats. They ignored the Green, and they cover Libertarians as a fun diversion, but not enough to get anyone to pay them attention. I think they portray the GOP, the South Etc. as they were in 1950s to scare people into supporting the powers that be.