Friday, December 06, 2013

Grand Game: $15 edition

Just delightful.  Many unintentional self-parody moments.

Enjoy them all.

Nod to @rbcaples


Jeff R. said...

Bleh. Reddit is one long comments thread. High traffic websites always have terrible comments threads; the upvote/downvote system does nothing to change this.

Sorry, but I read like four sentences and bailed.

Tom said...

One commenter prescribed, "don't raise prices, take it out of that huge profit margin." Apparently, there is a Study. But in any business with lots of competition (and only moderate entry barriers) there CANNOT be huge profits.

Speaking of competition, there's plenty for those "low wage" jobs that these folks are striking against. Whether or not it's legal to fire strikers, the undependable employees are doomed.

Michael said...

My favorite:

"Thanks for the thoughtful comments. Lots of folks who work in fast food do want to go back to school or move into different careers. Folks have to pay bills and still be able to plan for the future. A raise in the wage would allow them to meet their needs AND plan for the future."

John henry said...

At $10/hr plus mandated benefits such as unemployment, SS, workers comp and so on, the cost of a worker is $25-30,000 per year.

Rethink Robotics has a 2 armed robot, vision in each arm plus the "head" for $22,000 ready to use out of the box. No robotics skills required.

I know robotics and have had a chance to play with this. I guarantee it is a game changer. Even better, it is funded by Amazon or Jeff Bezos (I am not clear which but it doesn't really matter)

How long before those fast food workers start getting replaced by Baxter?

John Henry