Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Big Clock Loves You!

The Big Clock love you, and wants what is good for you.  And, the Big Clock KNOWS what is good for you.  Some pix; click for an even Big Clockier image!

At Duke, the Big Clock watched over freshmen (I left the screen up; it's too noisy.  But Big Clock doesn't care; it still loves us):

And now, at BYU, Chris K send this photo:

Wait, the Big Clock at BYU?  That's....that's Big Love!  Yay, Big Clock!

If you want to use the Big Clock for an exam, just go to this web site and then turn on the Mr. LCD.  Nobody will be raising their hand to ask "What time is it?"  (You mean, NOW?).

The web site:

Please send more pictures of the Big Clock!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Careful not to click the roman numeral option... MASS CONFUSION WILL FOLLOW, thus negating the aforementioned benefits of the Big Clock