Thursday, December 26, 2013


The "Get Enrolled!" "ad" for Obamacare.

1.  Did they actually think this was a good ad?  Is it a spoof?

2.  Is there any gay stereotype left out here?  Is this as offensive as it seems, to an outsider?  (That's not "out", but "outside"?)

3.  This seems to me to be a reasonable reaction.  But then I have never understood the ability of the left to suppress outrage at outrageous things done by "friends" of the left.

4.  Consider a heterosexual version of this ad, just as revealing and just as objectifying.  Would THAT be okay?  (No, it would not).  So why is it okay to treat gay people this way?

5.  Whatever else is true, these are some mighty attractive young folks.  Tommy TTB, what say you?


Old Odd Jobs said...


Max said...

What is the hidden message here? Get ObamaCare and aids and all is fine because we already assume all has people sleep around?

Sometimes I wonder whether there was a test screening before release...

Anonymous said...

I don't see enough diversity--they all seem like they have the same size package. However, the packages here are all nice whereas the diverse group of plans I was offered when I signed up to the "market" in NYS were crap.


Tom said...

Rep. Frank Pallone said "whatever it takes..."

Congresscritters are usually at pains to conceal their complete lack of ethical standards.