Monday, December 16, 2013

Monday's Child

UPDATE:  The comments from "Windwheel" are marvelous.  NSFW.  But don't miss them.  The world needs more of that kind of craziness.  His....well, "blog" is the wrong word.  How about "His Web Site."  He is making a LOT of those delicious Troll House Cookies.   As a rule I try not to feed trolls.  But trolling is a techne, and Windwheel shows a certain excellence, I'll admit.  Well played, sir.

1.  This is a little icky.  Hard to say NSA is underfunded, if they can surveil WoW.

2.  This is pretty amusing, and shows a wonderful poetic sense of...something.

3.  My new cause:  "Free Rooster Monkburn!"  And get him his gun back, too.

4.  At first, I couldn't believe this could happen.  Then I noticed it was a United flight. I see.

5.  For Scott de Marchi.  Who shrieks at the very thought of roaches.  The new uber roach.  With love.

6.  A destinationist claims he isn't one, and in fact that there aren't any.  Sigh.

7.  Pretty sappy, treacly, etc.  Me gusta.

8.  In ACA, you get your "choice."  And Zeke will tell you what your choice is.

9.  Those crazy Norwegians!  A copyright holiday.

10.  He wants to be loved, not feared.  Of course, Nicolo thinks that won't turn out well.

11.  This would be bad.  Pretty scary.

12.  A perfect metaphor for the Obama approach to policy.  Having trouble making something work?  Hire someone pretty, with absolutely zero actual knowledge, to "help."

13.  Mac-n-cheese:  it will never be the same. Plus, bacon is a health food!

14.  As she notes, of COURSE white men are going to use speech codes against women and minorities.  It's nuts to think that speech codes protect minorities.  Exactly the opposite is true.

15.  Trait-based politics?

16.  Many people claim infrastructure causes growth.  A kind of Say's Law of infrastructure (Supply of infrastructure creates a demand for infrastructure, or "If you build it, they will grow!")  In fact, growth causes infrastructure.  If you build an airport no one wants to use, no one will use it. (And, I should note, the above caricature of Say's Law is wrong anyway, as the musically challenged S. Horowitz pointed out quite clearly)

17.  The Eschaton is imminent, as well as immanent.  Here is proof.

18.  Graffiti unbound.

19.  The Seven Deadly Sins.... in Maps!

20.  The national character?  Irish charm; Germans taken in?

21.  Even the NYTimes Ed Page gets SOME things right, I guess.  Like this...

22.  Tired of health and prosperity, the world turns to "localism."  In the Stone Age, there was lots of localism.  And no unemployment, since everyone had to work all the time just to find a way to eat.  And no pension problems, because no one lived past 35.  A golden age, I tell you!

23.  This struck me as funny.  I may just have an odd sense of humor, tho. Hearing Megyn K go all, "Now, listen:  ain't gonna BE no chocolate Santas up in heah, aaiiight?" is amusing.

24.  They all made it.  Barely.

25.  An essay on how dumb essays are.  Some are, but they don't have to be.

26.  SantaCon.

27.  Now, THAT's a thoughtful gift!

28.  Staged and made up or not, this made me laugh.  My favorite was #18, just for the look on the dog's face.  Some people might find #1 silly, but c'mon, guys:  haven't we ALL done that at some point?

29.  Mr. Obama's watch is two days slow.


windwheel said...

You've linked to a post of mine which calls you a Roberto Unger type fuckwit. That's pretty cool of you but it kinda invalidates my thesis, y'know?
Incidentally, it is impossible for me to write in an amusing way. I was born in Germany- a German joke aint no laughing matter- and am the most boring type of South Indian Brahmin possible- i.e. one who thinks he can speak American.
Also I write poetry.
I mean, who does that? Totally humorless illiterate shitheads, right?
Anyway, Jason Brennan has banned me from BHL so I won't get to play with the nice kids anymore.
Binge watching 'Orange is the new Black' while drinking Wild Turkey will never be the same again.

windwheel said...

This is a follow up to my last- yes, I'm still drinking and 'Orange is the new Black' has got to the point where 'Secular Humanist' values are questioned.
This is the larger context of my resentment at being excluded from the BHL sandbox, in the context of my current Liebenswelt of drunkenly binge-watching a Netflix series structured as a good faith model for Mungerfisting- anwyay, I've switched from Wild Turkey to Spiced Rum, and DEMAND A CONSIDERED RIPOSTE TO this (from my blogpost you linked to)-

'If Euvoluntary transactions never carry buyer/seller remorse, then they are ergodic- i.e. hysteresis free- and, under certain conditions, represented by the Lyapunov candidate function, this means that the dynamic properties of the system are such that directionism cashes out as destinationism.
However, for that to be the case no market can be missing- e.g. in the price gouging case, some type of insurance scheme prevails such that no repugnancy effect arises. (Indeed, repugnancy generally signals hysteresis, like Marx's objection to 'dead' Capital, Vampire fashion, controlling Living Labour.)
Obviously, human beings do more than transactions, they also form relationships which 'internalize' missing or failing markets. To mistake institutions for relationships is a mistake similar to 'immanentizing the eschaton'. Institutions don't have moral qualities but it is tempting to project such qualities onto them by reason of cognitive bias or preference falsification.'

'The Lord don't take the wuzzers into the Kingdom, he take the izzers'
True Word.
I plan to sue everybody coz everybody dun bin Racist to me and like made fun of my tiny Asian dick.
Jus' fucking ban me already.

windwheel said...

Wow! Tiffany, the meth-head Appalachian who took a shotgun to the Counselor at the Abortion Clinic- coz she felt disrespected, y'know?- and then, like this like totally whitebread Christian law firm represents her?- and she becomes like a martyr?- and then our Secular Humanist heroine- with like a nebbish of a Jewish boyfriend, yet?- tricks Tiffany into turning totally delusional and confined in the Psyc ward?- but, she feels guilty and gets her out y'know?- and, anyway, like Tiff has lost her faith? So blondie is like accepting of her Faith? But she don't go through with the baptism (in the blood of the lamb) so finally, in Episode 13, we've got the shower scene but Tiff is coming for blondie with a toothbrush-shiv and...I actually paused Netflix to write to you.
It's coz 'directionism' and 'destinationism' etc. are nothing but non deterministic narratives open an inherently boring set of inchoate tropes
Okay, I just unpaused Orange is the new black. Spoiler alert. All Tiff does is cut herself and daub Whitey with her own blood.
What happens next?
If your Mungerfisto can have a model or aint jury-rigged to circumvent Lobian obstacles; you should be able to tell me.
Perhaps, you have. I honestly don't know anymore.
Spiced Rum is just so Xmessy!